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The Hummus & Pita Co expands franchising with Fransmart
Published on 02/13/2017

The Hummus and Pita Co. is partnering with Fransmart to expand the concept beyond its four New York City locations, according to a press release.

"We took the past five years to really work through all of our kinks, perfect our menu and have a consistent operating system," David Pesso, the brand's director of operations and business development, said in the release. "Up until last year, we didn't feel ready to expand regardless of the partnerships and private equity investments that we were offered. We've been impressed with what Dan [Rowe] and Fransmart have done with brands like 5 Guys and The Halal Guys, and we knew Fransmart could help us grow successfully through franchising."

The Hummus & Pita Co. was founded by Pesso's mother, Janice Axelrod, in 2011, with the first location opening at 6th Avenue and 17th Street in New York City. The Mediterranean fast casual concept features menu items from Italy, Israel, Greece, Spain and Morocco.

"Mediterranean fast casual is the next big thing and I've always thought Hummus & Pita Co. could be the segment leader — long lines and high sales in the highly competitive NYC market, amazing food taste and quality, rapid service times, branding, etc.," Rowe said in the release. "Hummus & Pita company was built from the beginning to scale and I've been trying to work with this brand ever since the first restaurant opened."